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The students of Nana’s W.O.M.B. are classified as homeschoolers by their state & school districts. Enrolling your child as a homeschool student is easier than you might think.  And you can do it anytime-- before, during, or after the school year. Enrollment is typically required 15 days prior to withdrawing your child from the care of public school.  You can start the process towards joining our learning community by following the 4 simple steps below: 

  1. Schedule an Initial Consultation

  2. Follow your district/county process to enroll your child as a Homeschool Student

Prince George’s County Public School

Montgomery County Public Schools
DC Public Schools

*DC residents must register for home instruction 15 days before the school year begins.

Howard County Public Schools

Anne Arundel County Public Schools

3. Gather your child’s most current educational documents (ie. IEP, 504 plan, FBA/BIP) 

4. Complete the Nana’s W.O.M.B Co-Op School Enrollment Form