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To examine the state of the African-American child in our nation’s education system, one need look no further than the daily headlines. Behind every article of a child who suffered fatal consequences due to relentless bullying, behind every video clip of students being subjected to racial slurs from an educator are well-documented truths, which have yet to be fully addressed by traditional education methods. For instance, African-American children are 2 to 3 times more likely than their white peers to be disciplined in school--often for identical behavior--a precursor to what many know as the “school to prison pipeline”.

Merely stating that the US Educational System is “unjust” is an understatement.  Its purpose can be read by the intentions of those who designed it, operate it, and promote it.  To put it simply, this system upholds all others. It maintains the existing state of social and political affairs (aka white supremacy).  Is this just a problem for “people of color”? Absolutely not. But with the inundation of “white” culture in schools, it is extremely difficult for Afrakan children to experience proper development of Self.    

Nana’s W.O.M.B. is symbolic of the place where wholeness is achieved.  It’s the great stabilizer, the matrix of creation, and the sum total of all possibilities.  The W.O.M.B. serves as a sacred, nurturing space for Afrakan children to actually BE Afrakan children.  ReGeneration180 has created a space that is centered around us because nobody else will, can or should.