What is a Micro-School?

If you google it, you’ll find that a Micro-school has its definition.  We can leave that. But, yes, by new-agers and hippies… we are a micro-school.  That being said, there is nothing small about our approach to African-Centered Education. 

So what’s our definition of a Micro-school?  

Nana’s W.O.M.B. is a learning center for ages 5-21.  Our families are considered homeschoolers by state approval.  Our mission is to promote and achieve actual learning.  We use research-based strategies to target whoever is in the classroom.  We teach for liberation of mind, body, spirit and soul.   

Education, in its purest form, is an effort whereby a collection of individuals purposefully leave a foundation of values and mores they all agree to.  They leave it to those whom are expected to carry it and use it to solve the problems of their time.  Which is exactly what we’ve gathered, as parents, to do. We see the problem with education in America, and we intend to fix in a way that benefits our children.  Education preserve culture...Education transforms culture.