Nana’s W.O.M.B. Center

When understanding Nana’s W.O.M.B. Center, let us first start with who “Nana” is.  Nana is the Great Mother-- the earth force that must be soothed to assure our continued health, growth and productivity.  She is known by several names within the West African Traditions—Nana Buruku, Nana Buluku, and Nana Bukuu. The force of Nana is one of a warrior goddess, who promotes and protects society.

In the Spirit of Nana Buruku, ReGeneration180 has created a schoolhouse for the Warriors, Overseers, Messengers, and Beloveds of the next generation.  The Divine Mother has returned to guide our children towards true comprehension and achievement.  We are a Maryland-based, non-profit school that will change the way children of African descent are educated.  Our concern is to reforming the psychology of Afrikan people, and giving our children the tools and resources they need for personal, familial and societal progress.  The truth is that education should help our children to create and produce, in order to solve problems.  This is our purpose.